Meanderings – mosaic

Stolen Stitches Nua

Playing around yesterday with a cardigan design idea. There’s something about this yarn that always draws me in and I’m wondering if Carol does color cards.

I love the idea of mosaic knitting, but it always seems that there’s not that many “new” ones out there. They’ve all been overused. Looking through some of my stitch pattern books, I came up with this one. Not too big of a row or stitch repeat, and it seems just the thing for my cardigan.


This jacket was a long time coming.  It was inspired by a Versace piece I had seen while window-shopping in NYC and then saw again in a magazine.  What I was drawn to the most was the steely cut and the bold lines of the fabric.  I tried to recreate it in my Sofia.

I sent the design off to Knit (formerly Yarn Forward), a British magazine, last March along with a few other sketches.  They very kindly decided they were going to take four of the six pieces I submitted for consecutive issues.  (They’re a monthly.)  Beginning with issue 42 and continuing through issue 45, I will have one of my designs in the magazine.  Three of the pieces are now done, but this one, Sofia, made the cover.  I’m thrilled.  I only wish the model they chose was a little tinier, as I feel the fit is different than what was on my Manny.

Next month, they are running a “designer inspiration” piece on me and I am to be featured.  Happy!!!