Meanderings – the side hustle

We’re all relatively happy in our day jobs, but what brings us real joy is when we’re creating. Only two of us are really making any money with our side hustle – two others wish they could find a way to do that, and another’s just happy doing what he loves to do. Personally, I know there’s ups and downs to the side hustle – (here’s an overview) – mainly that it’s hard to keep my life in balance.

I’ve been reading, watching and wondering a lot about balance and the “side hustle.” If you don’t know what a side hustle is, here’s a short TED talk which explains. Apparently one in two of every millennial has a side hustle. In my immediate family (husband and three children between 20 and 25), we all hold traditional jobs, but we’re all creatives — designer, painter, dancer, digital artist, musician.

But mostly, even if it does get crazy sometimes – my own designs, deadlines for publications, and submissions, along with my regular gig as an education director – I wouldn’t change a thing. It’s saved me from feeling stuck and kept me going in my day job at times. I feel lucky that my passion is my side hustle.

Do you have a side hustle or is your hobby enough as is?

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Juggler: mother, knitwear designer, teacher

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