meanderings – raglan lines

I love the idea of seamless construction. Wrapping up the knitting and being able to almost instantly wear a garment has definite appeal.. I wouldn’t say I dislike finishing, because I don’t, but it’s definitely not as much fun as knitting.

working on those lines…

The issue with seamless construction, particularly with a raglan, is that the increasing (for top-down) or decreasing (for bottom-up) for body and sleeves often happens at different rates. If it doesn’t happen at a different rate, then sometimes you get sleeves that are too big or too small for the bust size you’re working.

Writing a pattern to accommodate this, without muddying the directions is tricky!

Right now, I’m working on a cardigan pattern where this is happening. In addition to the sleeve and body shaping, neckline shaping happens at the same time at yet a different rate.

What to do? I’ve constructed a crude chart that I’m still tweaking to help knitters follow along for their individual size. I’d be interested to hear what you think works best in these situations.

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Joan Forgione

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