Anselm (cardigan), shown with distraction

For me, one of the hardest parts of getting a pattern published is the photoshoot. I’m lucky that my go-to model is my daughter, Connie — 23, very pretty with a great figure.  Although she’s generous with her time, now that she’s out of school and working full-time, its harder for us to schedule. Often, we’re not available at the same time. With daylight in short supply during non-working hour, getting the latest patterns photographed has been difficult. But scheduling is only a small part of the whole process.

Before the shoot, there are so many things to consider and manage  — weather, wardrobe, lighting, and location.

During the shoot, location can be tricky.  Today, for example, we encountered people in our shoot location, as well as tricky terrain after last night’s sleet-y snow.

Frigid winds and chattering teeth shooting Frost Field.

After the shoot, the biggest issue is the time involved in editing — the best pictures need to be chosen, showing the knitted piece and the model to the best advantage, then cropping and adjusting lighting and color. As a non-professional photographer with just a digital camera and no photoshop experience, it’s hours of work.

Photos of Echo Song were among my favorite of the day.



Today we shot 5 pieces in 3 locations.  Toward the end, Connie and I were a little punch drunk. She wanted to call this one Pretty Little Liars and I thought Signed “A” might be a good one. (If you watch the show, you’ll get the references — red coat and “sssshhhhh.”) But in the end, it’ll be Twine & Warp.

File_001 (2).jpeg
We found “A” wearing Twine & Warp.





In addition, to T&W, I’ll also be releasing Frost Field, Echo Song and Anselm by the end of the month, with Simplicity coming in early February.


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