In all the year end/year beginning things I needed to do, I forgot to tell you about the money raised for UNICEF, (although I did remember to post in the group thread on Ravelry).  If you’re an American over the age of 40, you probably remember collecting money for UNICEF when you went trick-or-treating at Halloween.  UNICEF would send our schools a little “put-together” box, and as we went from door-to- door amassing our haul of candy, we would ask if there was also something for UNICEF.  People would drop pennies, nickels and dimes into our box.  It made an impression.

UNICEF is the United Nations’ International Children’s Emergency Fund.  It was started after WWII to help the millions of children who became refugees because of the war.  Unfortunately, there are still lots of children who are refugees, but UNICEF does a lot more.   You can read about their work here.  They do wonderful things.


During December, when A Collection of Smooth Stones (a hat and mitt set) was released, I announced that the month’s sales would be going to UNICEF.

I’m happy to announce (belatedly) that we raised $107 and I rounded up a little for a total donation of $210.


Thank you to everyone who was so very generous!  Knitters are great people.


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Joan Forgione

Juggler: mother, knitwear designer, teacher

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