Went to the beach…

Today, I’m releasing A Collection of Smooth Stones, an ebook with two patterns ~ hat and mitts.  The ebook (my first) is 25% off until Christmas Eve, with all of the money raised from its sale until that time going to UNICEF.  No coupon code is needed.  I’m pretty excited about the ebook, although you can certainly buy the patterns separately, too.

Smooth Stone ebook cover 2

Last Sunday, the first in December, we went to a local beach to shoot these for the pattern.  The beach is unique because right about where we shot the first set of pictures, there is a river that flows into the Long Island Sound (fresh water flowing into salt water = brackish water = lots of unusual wildlife).


My daughter and model, Connie, didn’t want to drive up there (about 15 minutes from the house), but it was so gloriously sunny and relatively warm, that I kind of insisted ~ tee hee.  It was a gorgeous day and we probably could have spent a longer time there, just hanging out, she especially.


We saw a woodpecker in the dunes, feasting on some insects.  He didn’t budge, even when we got close.


And apparently, it is THE place for dogs to stroll this time of year.  (These were only some of the last “pack.”)

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  1. […] During December, when A Collection of Smooth Stones (a hat and mitt set) was released, I announced that the month’s sales would be going to UNICEF. […]

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