Warwick Colorwork

Warwick Hat 1
Warwick Hat

Winter submission proposals are usually due just as everyone in these parts (the Northeast) is finally done with winter.  After last winter, it was hard to think about another cold, snowy season, but I had some ideas I thought would be a good fit for Interweave’s call for submission for their Winter 2016 edition.  This was to be their “classics” issue with plenty of cables and colorwork.

One of the proposals I sent in was for the Glimster hat.  Here’s what my proposal looked like.

IK Winter Glimster

As you can see, the hat had already been completely knitting.  Usually with small things like this, it’s silly to do a swatch when the hat itself wouldn’t take much more time.  I always include some inspiration, which in this case was a painting by Stanley Cursiter and a knitted cap from the Shetland Museum’s collection.  I always name my submissions and this one was called Glimster.


I was in love with the yarn, too.  It’s The Knitting Boutique’s Severn DK, a blend of 75% wool and 25% silk and absolutely lovely.  The Knitting Boutique is now offering the hat as a kit on their website here.  You can choose one of the two color options that were done for Interweave or even pick your own.

The Knitting Boutique is owned by the lovely and wonderful Dianna.  I met Dianna in January of 2013 and she generously gave me a skein of Severn to try.  (I chose the Midnight colorway.) As soon as I started working with it, I knew I had to have more, so I bought some in Amber.  I had an opportunity to go on the TKB retreat in the spring of 2014 with some of my friends and we had a blast.  We then popped into her beautiful shop.  You really must go if you’re anywhere near Baltimore.  Their boutique yarn line includes more than just Severn.  You can see all the beauties here.

When Interweave contacted me to let me know the design had been accepted, they wanted the hat as it was.  I then asked if they wanted me to do another in an alternative colors and when they agreed, I contacted Dianna again.  She and Heather, who dyes each of these exquisite yarns, told me to choose my colors and they custom dyed them for me.  So excited.

Merlot & Light Moss version

When the hat went to publication, Interweave changed the name to Warwick.  The Knitting Boutique also contacted me to be part of their Saturday morning podcast.  I’ve been listening to the podcast for awhile now and it’s so much fun.  ‘ll be speaking about the hat in Episode 15 (November 21st edition).  You can listen to all the podcasts here



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