MIA excuses & apologies and a new hat

Just as I was patting myself on the back for being so good about writing regularly on my blog and sending out my PMK newsletter each month, things went awry!  Excuses are for sissies, but here they come anyway:

  1. School started back up for me and I have a new position (so learning curve), and I’m now responsible for planning lessons for a range of ages from 4 – 14!
  2. Knitting deadlines piled up.  I had 2 pieces due October 15 and 2 pieces due October 21st.  Then the October 15th pieces got moved up to September 30th.  My family asked me why I do this to myself, but really, as a designer you submit, cross your fingers and hope they’ll like your submissions.  When they do you’re thrilled, but then everyone’s publishing at the same time of the year, so all the deadlines fall one on top of another.  You can’t stagger them.  It’s the nature of publishing knitwear patterns.
  3. A new job in the industry.  I’ll talk about that another time, but needless to say, it involves time.  (Doesn’t everything worthwhile?)

So here’s what I offer you…

Forgione Warwick 1
Photos courtesy of Interweave Knits and Harper Point Photography

Forgione Warwick 2 Forgione Warwick 3

  1.  A new design in Interweave Knits for Winter 2016 — the Warwick Hat.  The online magazine is out today.  Love this hat, love this yarn, The Knitting Boutique’s Severn DK, love the people at The Knitting Boutique, especially Dianna and Heather.  Thank you, thank you.  (I’ll write more about this design and The Knitting Boutique next week, but just so you know those wonderful people at The Knitting Boutique are offering the yarn for this as a kit here.)
  2. A special mid-month newsletter ….I was sending these out at the end of the month, but there’s a re-release of a popular pattern that I’ll be giving away to newsletter subscribers.  If you’re not signed up, do that before Friday, November 6th to get the pattern here.

I’m back on track now, hopefully no craziness in the next few months (just the holiday craziness, I guess).  Knitting weather is in full force here in the Northeast.  No excuses!

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Juggler: mother, knitwear designer, teacher

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