50 Shades of Orange

Joie de Vivre pullover Tahki Yarns Life.Style Fall/Winter 2015
Joie de Vivre pullover
Tahki Yarns Life.Style
Fall/Winter 2015

I first wrote this post back in 2013 and it sat here, languishing in the “drafts” section of WordPress.  When I started another cardigan in an orange yarn from stash and a new design of mine from TSC was published with orange in it, (I didn’t even choose the colors, I swear!) t knew I had to (finally) publish this.

My first thought was to call this post, “Nothing Gold Can Stay,” a reference to a favorite Robert Frost poem, but then I went for something much less classy, mostly because it’s a better title for what I’m about to write.

I try, really I do.  I like almost every color Roy G. Biv has to offer, but everything I buy lately is some form of orange.  Sure it could be pink-ish orange, gold-ish orange, or reddish orange, but it’s still orange.

So this week, I’m doing some secret testing and I bought this yarn from Jimmy Bean’s…madelinetosh Prairie in Amber Trinket.  I swear it looked pink in the picture, but really, who was I kidding?  Amber Trinket.  I guess I knew in my heart it was a shade of orange.  I was dying (ha, ha) to try some Plucky Knitter this summer.  What did I buy?    You guessed it…orange.  Not a flaming, full-out orange.  It’s copper-y.  But still, copper is in the orange family.

DSCN3474 DSCN3483 DSCN3486 IMG_2859 IMG_2945 copy IMG_1505 IMG_1563 IMG_1670

I just reorganized my stash.  I even did a major de-stash, gifting my friends with yarn I must have loved at one time, but don’t anymore.   I got cubbies.  Look at my cubbies.  Out of 8 sections, there’s 3 that are filled with orange yarns.  And that’s not even all of it.  I have a cedar chest full of the more substantial yarn (you know, a sweater’s worth).  There’s at least 2 sets of a sweater’s worth of orange yarn — okay, they’re shades of gold, but that’s orange, too.

I need to get out of this orange kick.  I like orange.  I think I look good in orange, but enough is enough.  Nothing gold can stay!

Ummmmmm, P.S. , nothing’s changed in 2 years.

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Joan Forgione

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