Organize – Part I

I spent the better part of the day with my knitting, but not actually knitting.


Started out by sorting my yarn cubby.  I do this periodically, but today, I feel I made an organizational dent.  Right side from top to bottom:  lace weight and light fingering; sportweight; sock yarn and other fingering.  Left side from top to bottom: worsted weight; dk weight; worsted and assorted heavier weights.  The yarn that was on piling up on top of the cubby was moved to a cubbyhole, or if there was too much of it, placed atop my cedar chest where project-sized quantities are stored. 


In the cubby process, I removed singletons that were already wound and made this basket. (I re-wound or re-balled, if necessary.)  However, in order to use the basket, I needed to remove small knitting bags.  


That led me to the larger knitting bags of which there were quite a few that I needed to get rid of — I have a serious bag problem.  With those larger bags there were UFOs, some dating back to 2009.  In going through those, I went here, where there were still more UFOs.


 I sorted through those and decided which of them I still truly had a stake in.  Got rid of lots of bags, frogged some UFOs and then re-wound that yarn.  

I then bagged up the like yarns on top of my cedar chest and made a place for  swatches for my current WIPs.


I am now sitting here with coffee and my knitting, content that I accomplished a knitting-related task, even if there was no knitting involved.

The next step is to get my work area more efficiently set up, but that means buying/getting rid of furniture, so it will have to wait.

Published by

Joan Forgione

Juggler: mother, knitwear designer, teacher

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