Start waving

Start waving, as in a flag.  Today is the launch of Vexillum, which means banner or flag. Vexillum is a triangular cabled lace shawl that’s knitted from the tip out to the widest end.  The cables form little points at the wide edge and the whole shawl is edged in I-cord.


There’s a story behind this one, and I do so love a story.

Last October, the Eastern Long Island Knitting Guild (ELIKG), of which I’m a member, asked me to do a presentation on shawls.  I decided to stick with the triangular shaped ones because if I included all the other various types, I think it would have run too long.  I had put together my presentation, written the handout, and begun to compile samples of shawls I designed of each type.  When I got to the asymmetric-right-triangle type, I realized I’d never designed one!  Not only do I really like the look of these, I also thought I’d enjoy the process.  (Turns out I did!)   Fast forward to February – March, and I finally got around to it.


There’s another tale about Vexillum and choosing the right yarn, which I’ll write about next month, but for now, here’s Vexillum.  You can get it on Ravelry at 25% off until Sunday with the coupon code WAVE.  If you’re a subscriber to the newsletter (or you want to be), there’s another offer over there.

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