We’re having a potentially “historic” blizzard in my neck of the woods from tonight into tomorrow night – 24 hours of snow and wind. Lots of time to knit. What could be better than a hat-a-long?

in Berroco “Vintage DK”

So, here’s a little hat pattern that will be up on Ravelry by early next week….Hushfall! It’s not an official pattern yet, and it’s not been tech edited, but it is completely laid out and relatively simple. I thought I’d give blog readers and group members a chance to get the pattern for free before it’s released.


  • DK yarn in 3 colors (100 yds MC, 60 yds CC1, 60 yds CC2)
  • Size US 7 and US 5 (with your preferred “work-circular”) needles
  • Stitch marker
  • Tapestry needle

Simple enough. Just post here that you’d like the pattern and I’ll send it off.

I’ll be starting another one in reds and grays tonight. Join in the fun and post your progress. If you finish the hat and post in the thread before the pattern goes live, I’ll gift a copy to your Ravelry account.

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5 thoughts on “Hushfall

  1. Your ‘kep’ styled hats are awesome! Am I too late to get a free pattern? I bought the pattern for Wyndham and the brim is very interesting.

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Patty. Unfortunately, it’s too late to get this pattern for free. It’s available on Ravelry here for purchase. You also might want to sign up for my monthly newsletter. I always include discounts for subscribers and sometimes a new pattern will be free.

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