What can you knit with 3 skeins or less?

3 Skeins or Less - jacket art copy

Last fall, Tanis Gray, contacted me about working with her again.  I was thrilled!

Tanis and I originally met when she worked as the yarn editor for Soho Publishing (now Sixth & Spring).  When my first designs were published for Knit Simple, it was Tanis who greeted me when I walked through the doors of their offices downtown.  [Soho publishes Vogue Knitting, Knit Simple and used to publish a wonderful magazine, Knit.1, which Tanis co-edited.]  

In addition to being an awesome person, Tanis is REALLY talented!  Take a look at her bio and you’ll see she graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design, has herself designed over 330 knitting patterns, and has worked for Martha Stewart and HBO.  All her designs can be found here.  

She moved from NYC to the Washington, DC area with her husband, Roger, and their adorable little boy, Callum.  She’s now a book editor for Interweave, and continues to design independently and for many yarn companies.  If you want to check on what Tanis is up to she blogs at tanisknits.com and is on Instagram @tanisknits and on Twitter @tanisgray. 

Tanis called and explained that she was doing a book for Interweave on knitted accessories made from 3 skeins or less.  She asked if I’d contribute a shrug made with this yarn (which I fell in love with!)  The shrug is called “Checkered Past” (because the lace design forms a little checkerboard).

Checkered Past
Checkered Past


The book is called 3 Skeins or Less (Interweave/F+W; $24.99).  It’s wonderful and has so many great designs for accessories — mittens, shawls, socks, gloves, hats, cowls, mitts.  I think it is THE perfect knitting gift to give yourself — so you can make all those holiday gifts for others.  Besides Tanis and myself, other contributors to the book include Ann Weaver, Susanna IC, Romi Hill, Kirsten Kapur, Glenna C., Carina Spencer, Melissa LeBarre, Thea Coleman, and others.  Check out all the designs on Ravelry here.

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