Late last fall, my cousin Maria who lives on the east end of Long Island, called me to say she was at 8 Hands Farm in Cutchogue.  8 Hands is  an Icelandic sheep farm and sells meat, milk and some fiber.  Maria saw the yarn and thought of me and asked if I wanted some.  It only came in one natural color (oatmeal) and Carol, the owner, said that the paler cream would be coming in the spring.

Maria came on Christmas.  The yarn was “rustic,” but I loved it.  I only got 2 skeins of 250 yards each and I thought a garter stitch shawl would best show off the yarn’s qualities.

8 Hands Farm

Right now, I’m in process, actually almost done…working on the edging, but I’m not sure about it.  I experimented with increases with this one, making the shawl into five segments — almost a circle — like this:

However, the shawl alternates between garter stitch (where the five sets of increases are done) and stockinette stitch with a single ridge (where increases are only done on the edges).  My thinking was that the extra increases + the lack of increases would give the shawl less of a circular look and flatten it out a bit.  However, what has happened is that I still have a circle, but the garter stitch sections are slightly “humped.”

Spiny Star

I truly love the concept and think that if it doesn’t block out the way I want, I may just frog it and try a variation on the theme.   I’ll let you know.



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