As a result…

My recent jaunt into cataloguing my stash led me to think about some UFOs I have going.

There’s a few random socks, a Pomatomus for me and a pair of my own design for P.

Then there was this by Kim Hargreaves.  I actually know when I began this (…summer of 2009…went on a cruise for C’s sweet 16….she’s going to be 21 in July…so sad…I really liked this one).  

There’s a pullover for C that I was trying to work out.  I loved the yarn, but it was scads of stockinette.  Ho hum.  And a cardigan with this.  I also loved this design, and I don’t even know why I put it aside.  It was bulky yarn and going quickly, but now I’ve forgotten why I abandoned it.

EcoDuo by Cascade

And a cardigan for me with this.  I loved this design — classic — shawl collar, lots of waist shaping, a jacket really.  It was bulky yarn and going quickly, lots of lovely moss stitch, but now I’ve forgotten why I abandoned it.

Donegal Tweed Bulky by Debbie Bliss
Donegal Tweed Bulky by Debbie Bliss

And then there was this.

Longhorn - cabled front
Longhorn – cabled front
Longhorn - ribbed back
Longhorn – ribbed back


Absolutely know why I gave up on this one.  It was nothing but trouble from the start.  Madelinetosh Vintage with big fat cables and lots of wide ribbing.  The wrong yarn for this design.  Way too heavy.  The yarn is too tightly twisted.  I loved the way it looked, but it ate up so much yarn!  And then I ran short.  I called The Village Knitter, but they didn’t have any more of the color.  Kathleen, one of the owners, went through her personal stash and found some for me, but the color was slightly off.  I ripped part of the pullover out to blend the colors a bit.

It wasn’t right.  I have a long torso and  long arms.  The arms were perfect; the torso, short.  I gave up in frustration with only a tiny bit of the turtleneck to go.

But when I was cataloguing all that yarn, I pulled it out again.  I still loved it.  I asked C to try it on and it fit.  So I quickly finished up the neck and put it in for a soak.  It’s done.

One less UFO to think (or not) about.

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Joan Forgione

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2 thoughts on “As a result…

  1. I love that pullover!!!!!!!!! What I love is the fact that the cables don’t run over the breasts and the way it moves into the collar! It is soft, feminine and looks so cozy all at the same time. Congrats on your UFO

  2. Thanks. I do love the design, just not the right yarn. Maybe I can try it again in something loftier! xo

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