A few weeks back, I was trying to remember how many skeins of a particular yarn I had.  I’d seen a pattern I wanted to make and had a yarn in mind.  The trouble was I knew I had the yarn, but had no idea if I had enough.  I was very frustrated, as I wasn’t anywhere near home.  So…



I finally decided to catalog my stash on Ravelry, complete with pictures!

Don’t get me wrong.  I had some of my yarn up on my stash page, and some of those had photos, but it wasn’t the whole shebang.  That weekend, I decided to inventory all of it.  In every possible place around the house (I thought).  I did it in a few hours.  Just listing.  The photographing would have to wait.


Slowly, but surely, when the light is good, and when I’m not too tired after work, I take one cubby-ful or one shelf, empty it into my Rhinebeck basket, haul it to the one place in the house that is free from clutter and where the light is reasonably good, and add the pictures.  It really is going kind of quickly.  I feel so much better.   It brings back happy shopping memories, and even memories of projects that I thought I’d want to start with these yarns.  Of course, I also have a lot of onesies, which is not good, but I seldom can resist.  It makes me think that I could probably knit well into 2015 with what I currently have on hand.


Last night, I found yet another place I had stashed some yarn.  I was going to let it go until today, but then I thought, that was the problem to begin with.

Of the 113 stash yarns I have, all but 31 of them have (as of tonight) been photographed – some good, some bad — but there’s documentary evidence that it’s there.  And I can find it wherever I have access to the internet.  I’m very self-satisfied — aaaaahhhhhhhh…


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