Sheepy Saturday

This coming weekend is the New York Sheep and Wool Festival, affectionately known as Rhinebeck.  I’m riding the “big bus” with my KnitNite friends and almost all of them are going:  Lee, Donna, Pat, her daughter, Laura, Diane, Anne, Ellen and her daughter, too.  Suzy is spending the weekend up there, and we’re meeting her by the apple pie and ice cream booth.  We’re going up with the Spinners Guild — they organize the bus every year.  Thanks for making room for us, Ellen!  Ellen does this flawlessly.  

Lee’s making us “sangwiches” from the store — chicken, mozzarella, roasted peppers, a little balsamic — so we don’t have to wait on the ridiculous lines like we did last year.  We need a catchy name for the sangwich — how about the Pecore e Lana?  That’s Sheep & Wool in Italian!  Lee has her eye out for a yarn bowl this year.

Donna advised me to make a list of vendors I need to see, but my list is up to 44.  Donna has a serious agenda for Rhinebeck and doesn’t have time for our “nonsense.”  As we pull into town, she gets a steely look in her eye.  She’s all business.  She just laughed when I told her 44.  She says she has half.  I bet she thinks I’ll never get done.  Maybe Donna has a point.  After all, she knows how to run her list at Rhinebeck.  Maybe I’ll get more serious, but for now, it’s just so much fun.  

Pictures of us with our goodies to follow.  😀

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