Failing Grade

I am about to once again begin “the job that pays the bills”  and so my mind is on school lately.  I must talk to you about a failing grade.

As you may remember me saying, I am working on a bunch of new designs with a good friend.  We are hoping to publish these designs as an e-book come early 2013.  We have envisioned 6 designs, 3 each.  They are all planned and sketched.  Yarn has been chosen.  My intention was to write the patterns and knit 2 of the 3 designs by the end of the summer.

My workflow is usually this:

The first design went off without a hitch.  Loved everything about it — from the stitch pattern to the yarn to the fit.  Finished in no time.  The second one was plotted out.  I created elaborate charts that flowed from one section to the other.  Loved designing this one.  I was so proud of myself as I set out to knit it.  But…

I HATED THE YARN!  I have never hated any yarn, but I loathe, detest and despise this one.

Although this yarn’s launch was greatly anticipated and it has been written and talked about ad nauseum, although there is wonderful pattern support for it, this stuff is simply awful.  It’s like cotton candy.  The slightest pull and it tears off in bits.  Now, I am not a heavy-handed knitter.  I do not break yarn easily, especially by knitting it.  I had all but the edging of this shawl done, had used 3 skeins and had about 20 ends to weave in.  It was a nightmare.  I should have known.  The yarn actually comes with a disclaimer on the band stating that this yarn may require a “gentler touch.”  I will not divulge which yarn it is, but if you scope around Ravelry and read yarn reviews (which I did not before purchasing it), you will be able to figure it out.  This is almost a universal complaint.

So, after almost a month’s worth of work while cajoling, compromising, and trying to reason with myself that it would all work out in the end, I have surrendered and given the whole thing a failing grade.  I figure if a knitter hates knitting this project as much as I did, I will not sell a single pattern.  I just cannot get enthusiastic about any part of it now.  THIS YARN RUINED ALL MY LOVE AND AFFECTION FOR MY DESIGN!  I’m sad and angry because I really loved my design, but at this point in time, I do not want to touch it.  Maybe I’ll get enthusiastic about it again in the future, with another yarn, but just not now.  I’ve kept my beautiful charts.

Back to the drawing board.  I was in the city today at Purl Soho and picked up Anzula Squishy in a lovely shade of purple.  I have ideas, but no more time this summer.  Alas, school starts Tuesday.

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