Summer catch up…

I know I’ve been out of touch.

After the spring design/publishing problem, I put aside the cardigan I had been knitting for Knit, and worked on some other things.  I sent in some design proposals to Knit Now!   These designs were scheduled for Knit.  Kate, the editor, took a long cardigan which is scheduled to be published in early Fall.

As it was also the end of the school year, I was busy wrapping things up in my own classroom.  Every weekend seemed to be filled with baseball games, recitals, graduations and other assorted parties.  I fiendishly knit two baby sweaters for pregnant colleagues of mine who were both expecting in July (two healthy girls, happy to report).

The most exciting thing was a new design venture I’m creating with my good friend, Sima.  We had a marathon meeting at the start of the summer to flesh out our plans.  Ethelrose Designs will feature garments and accessories.  The first collection is scheduled to premiere in early 2013 and will feature 6 designs.  We’ve been talking about doing this for quite awhile and we’re both very, VERY excited.  I’m finished with one design, and in the middle of a second.

Then I went down with the flu for a week — Fourth of July week — my second favorite holiday of all, and I wasn’t at my family’s annual reunion/barbecue.  Ugh!

Zoe from the new Yarnwise contacted me and asked if I’d like to publish the designs scheduled for Knit.  I had one to offer, the one I was in the middle of knitting when ACM failed.  I put the finishing touches on it and off it went. 

In the midst of all this, I still wasn’t in possession of two pieces in transit to Knit at the time of the episode.  I made phone calls to the administrators, USPS, and Royal Mail.  I got a very nice gentleman at the local post office who told me that Royal Mail assigns a new tracking number upon entrance to the UK (which he gave me) and he told me that as far as he could tell it was being sent back ECONOMY (read, they are rowing it over on a small boat), and that it was in customs.  The very good news is that I received the package this past Saturday (with postage due on it).  I was very happy to get it back.  It was returned to sender on May 9th and I got it back on August 4th, a total of 87 days!  In the package were Lewis Bay, a shawl, and Nissequogue, an infinity scarf.  Both are available through my Ravelry store.  I hope to get some better pictures for the patterns, as I self-published them in a fit of injustice when I knew no one else was.  These original pictures are just some shots I snapped off before mailing.

Right now I’m knitting Shalder by Gudrun Johnston and my own shawl design for Ethelrose.  Loving both!

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Joan Forgione

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