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The Nissequogue is this river which is very near my home on northern Long Island.  The name (it rhymes with “kiss a frog”) comes from one of the  tribes of Algonquian-speaking Native Americans, the Nissequaq, who used to inhabit this part of the island.  The river ends flows into the Long Island Sound.  It’s very beautiful and although everyone in the area knows about it, not many other people on the island do, which makes it very peaceful.


This is my newest design, too, named after the river because the lace-and-cables in the pattern remind me of the river.  It’s an infinity scarf made with one full skein of Handmaiden Sea Silk.  This is the first time I’ve used Sea Silk and it is scrumptiously yummy and beautiful to look at too.  Because the scarf is made in one long piece before seaming, just work fewer repeats of the pattern and it can be adjusted to any size.  In it’s present state it’s about 40 inches long when finished, so you can shorten it by wrapping it around your neck or shorten it by knitting less of it.

For the month of May, this pattern is 20% off.

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3 thoughts on “Nissequogue

    1. Thanks, Susan. I had no idea it was copyrighted. Of course, I will be happy to give you credit. It’s a wonderful picture.

      Kind regards, Joan

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