Lace and the Meniscus

Ah, self-discovery!  It’s a wonderful thing.  Friday, at Knit night, I had someone point out to me that I knit a lot of lace.  I had to think about that.  I never thought I did, but upon examination, I guess I do love it!  I really do.   I knit an awful lot of it.  I like the emerging patterns.  What some people say about Fair Isle, I say about lace — I want to knit one more row to see how it will look all together, as part of the whole.

 The last piece I knit, the piece I’m knitting now, and the piece I’ll knit after this one are all lace.  I don’t get tired of it.  Yes, it can be a pain to fix if something goes horribly wrong, but I was inspired  by something Brook Nico, a designer of beautiful shawls, said once.  A student in a class I took with her asked her about life lines.  She said she doesn’t use them.  Didn’t apologize or make excuses or say they were useful.  In fact, she actually said they were a pain to put in and take out.  I’ve taken her advice to heart.  Live on the edge.

Speaking of things gone wrong, there are some things I wish I had a life line for – my knee for one.  If only I could rip out a few months and go back to when I tore my miniscus and knit up from there, I’d be thrilled.  I guess there are dangers to living on the edge.

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