Saga of the Doomed Sweater (continued)

Remember the sweater I wrote about that was finally finished after:

  • the first skein had spots
  • needed another skein and  had it shipped from Philadelphia
  • Joe shrunk the piece after I tried to get the spots out and rolled it in a towel and he efficiently washed the towel???????????

I SHRUNK IT!  Awful, horrible.  I feel like a complete failure.  It was an accident, mostly due to the sheer amount of laundry I had to do.  I swear.

Sima reminded me that when we went to pick out the yarn I wasn’t thrilled with the colors (even though I was.  I had picked out a different combo; she picked out this one, and I liked it so much better).  Sima was sympathetic, but kept asking how I could do it.  My answer is “It got mixed in with other things.”  Lame, I know.

Joe is crushed for me (he does portrait painting and couldn’t imagine working so hard on something only to see it destroyed), but secretly I think he’s amused because I gave him such a hard time about his expedition in hot water and agitation.   He actually asked again if there wasn’t something I could do.  (He’s very into physics, amateur astronomer, knows about black holes and everything, so I’m not sure what he doesn’t get about this.)

My thoughts are to preserve it for some future granddaughter, but it’s painful to look at, so I think I’m going to just have to ditch it, and re-knit (again).  I’d show you a picture, but my heart would break.

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Juggler: mother, knitwear designer, teacher

One thought on “Saga of the Doomed Sweater (continued)

  1. The shrinking sweater means that there is someone wonderful and beautiful in your future waiting to wear it. Keep it safe and it shall find it’s new home.

    You are a wonderful person, friend, mom, wife, teacher and designer! Please don’t be too sad.

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