Vogue Knitting Live – Part III

Then, Sunday…


The day vacation ends always seems a let down, and I have to say, Sunday was very low key.  After waking up at 5:30 once again, I ran down to do an early check out and to get coffee and bagels for us at the coffee shop near the hotel while Sima was getting ready.  Packing our things the night before made a big difference, and I doubt we could have handled this in the morning and still made our 8 a.m. class.  Sima started out with “Computer Aided Design” with Lily Chin and I with Barry Klein for “Complete from the Top Down”.

We took a cab over to the hotel and made our separate ways to class.

I had already read three books on the subject of top down design (Barbara Walker’s Knitting from the Top, Wendy Bernard’s Custom Knits and Kristina McGowan’s Modern Top-Down Knitting), so this probably wasn’t the best choice for me.  Barry Klein of Trendsetter Yarns was a really patient teacher, but I really didn’t learn anything new from the class.  This is my little sample of the jacket Barry’s holding up.  I ripped it out because the yarn I’m using is really supposed to be for something I already have planned.

I did meet Florence, though.

She’s a landscape architect and designer from Cos Cob, Connecticut.  She was my neighbor in the class and she has had a very interesting life, so I was very glad to have met and spoken with her.

After the class, Sima and I met up with our friend Denise for lunch.  We met Denise last year at VK Live.  She was on the same LIRR train as we were.  This year she was taking Shirley’s class on Cardigan Construction.   We invited Shirley, but she was busy, so we went back to PizzArte for a bowl of minestrone.  We then split up.  Sima wanted to return a Japanese pattern book she had bought the previous day in the marketplace and since it was Denise’s only day at the event, she wanted to shop, too.  I declined, so that my credit card wouldn’t be!

I spent my time at the Knitters’ Lounge where I met Marsha from Arlington, Virginia.  She gave me a little history of what I’ve heard from Shirley is a fantastic knitting shop – Fibre Space .  That is Marsha’s local knitting shop and she had a lot of great things to say about it.

In the afternoon, I took “Shawl Design” with Sarah Hatton of Rowan fame, and Sima took “Reading Charts” with Carla Scott of Soho fame.  We were on the same floor, but these classrooms were awful.  The Hilton took out the beds and converted these bedrooms into classrooms.  It didn’t work.  No space, bad light, everything we complained about last year!

Sarah is very sweet and a lot younger than I imagined.  Her handout was great.  She gave us many new ideas of shawl shapes and how they are constructed.  One I really want to do is a double-spined shawl, which I found very interesting.

She also gave us a present of some Rowan 4-ply.  The shade of green is rather awful, but it was nice to try it out and it’s super soft.  I also learned about where to put decreases and double decreases   –  mountains on the inside and v’s on the outside – and what that does to yarn-overs and the pattern in general.  This is a little swatch of half a shawl.  I “invented” the lace pattern, which is rather ugly!

Sarah, however, is VERY talented and brought some of her lace shawls for us to see.

After class, I tried to find Sima, but her classroom was empty so I headed out the back to 7th Avenue to catch the bus home.  Sima called me and was heading out the front to go to dinner with her husband and son who had come to pick her up.  She asked if I wanted to join them, but it was late, I was tired, and I wanted to get home.  VK Live continued into Monday, but I’m glad this year to have only done 2 days.  It gave me a chance to rest on Monday, (a day off from school), spend time with the family and to knit (which, strangely, we didn’t do much of all weekend).

Vogue is doing this event in October in Chicago, but hasn’t said whether or not they’ll be back next year in New York.  I hope they will!  I told Sima on Monday, this weekend was really “one for the books.”

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One thought on “Vogue Knitting Live – Part III

  1. Thank you for writing up your experiences from the expo. I am considering taking Hatton’s lace shawl class in Chicago, and wanted a bit more of an insight what to expect. I’m going to go sign up now!

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