Vogue Knitting Live – Part II

The excitement continued on Saturday…


I enjoyed this day most of all.  (Although an 8 a.m. class doesn’t appeal to anyone.)  I woke up at 5:30 so that I could shower and dress and give Sima a chance (she’s NOT a morning person) to sleep a little longer.  We took a cab over to class which was well worth it!

This was the first day of the event and Sima and I had both signed up for the Cookie A. class, Top Down Sock Design.  This was a 2-part class.  The first half from 8 – 11 and the second from 2 – 5.  She was simply wonderful — as good a teacher as she is a designer.  She covered everything.   She’s also charming and funny.  Her handouts were terrific.  I wish I had spent the rest of the weekend taking classes from her.  Can you tell I loved her?  Next year, she’s the top one on my list.

Believe it or not, the entire morning was spent on the  leg.  Not what I thought because the leg seems like the easiest part, but the thing is, picking a pattern, getting it to fit within the appropriate number of stitches, adjusting the pattern, combining patterns, sizing the sock, and making the ribbing flow into the pattern is really a lot of what a sock is all about.  She gave us time to plan and then, we broke for lunch.  I went back to the marketplace to buy some sock yarn called Molly’s Toes Two in color Starry Starry Night 400 yards,  (the picture’s not accurate as the color is a subtle periwinkle, rather than the bright blue seen here) from Mocha’s Fiber Designs at Tucker Woods Farm where Sima had bought her sparkly Estrellita the night before.  I also bought a bag which I loved from them, too.

We also got to see and talk to Susan and Lori from Stitchuary.  Both Sima and I have patterns that they’re carrying and the booth looked great. 

The 3 HOUR lunch break (way too long, but Vogue wants you in that Marketplace) gave me a chance to meet some knitters and crocheters at the Knitters’ Lounge.  I met Victoria and Beth from NYC.  Beth is a charity knitter, so she wasn’t tempted by the marketplace like the rest of us.

We also met Doris Chan.  Doris is a great crochet designer and she was teaching beginning crochet in the marketplace.  She was really happy there were so many crocheters at the event.  We were really happy she sat down with us!  She was sweet and funny, and she taught me (in about 15 minutes) what I’d been wanting to know for some time.  I learned to knit when I was about 6 (way before I learned to knit), but I could never figure out how to read crochet charts and how to shape in crochet.  I told  her she should give a class called Crochet Education for Knitters.  And do you see her beautiful top.  It was even more spectacular in person.  She gifted us with a new pattern of hers — a crocheted moebius cowl.  I just might give it a try and practice reading her chart!

I also got a chance to spend some quality time talking to my dear friend and mentor, Shirley Paden.  I always love seeing and speaking to her, and we had a good, long catch-up.  We chat regularly, but email is not the same.

Then it was back to start knitting our socks and talking about top of sock pattern placement, heel flaps, gussets, feet and toes, but mostly to start our sock.  I didn’t get very far, but I really like what’s happening so far…  This is only a little more than half of the pattern repeat, but the class made me feel like I could start designing socks.    We also met some really nice people who were students in the class. There was Virginia, who is an avid and talented sock knitter from the Boston area and has a job which sends her on lots of long flights (to give her plenty of sock-knitting time).  You can just about see the tops of her Cookie A. Clandestine socks.  They were a lovely bright red.  I’m sorry I didn’t take a picture of them.

 I also met Kei who was wearing her Oranje by Ann Weaver.  It was done in the same base color of SG’s Bugga orange assassin bug with blue instead of black.

The only disappointment is that I didn’t bring both of Cookie’s books with me for her to sign.  I own both Knit.Sock.Love and Sock Innovation.  Ugh!

Did I say Cookie was great?!

Sima and I left, well satisfied with knitting knowledge and yarn, for dinner at PizzArte on 55th between 5th and 6th.  It was a terrific dinner, just enough, not too much, great salad, great pizza, quiet.

[Here we are heading home, crossing Park Avenue looking uptown at the lit-up Grand Central Station.] 

When we got back to the hotel, we freshened up, headed down to the bar/restaurant, Rare, in the hotel.  Sima got a glass of wine and we shared a dessert.  Then I did a little tutorial on “using Excel to write patterns” for Sima.  The night ended with both of us even more exhausted than Friday night.  We decided to pack our things so we were ready in the morning and we wouldn’t have to get up even earlier than usual.  No knitting time, sadly!

Day 3 to come….

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