Off to see the Wizard(s)

Tomorrow begins a weekend I’m really looking forward to — VK Live NYC.  Last year was the inaugural event for Vogue.  I took 6 classes over 3 days beginning on Friday.  This year VK decided to do a Saturday start and go into a holiday Monday.  I am off on Monday, but decided to forego that day and will only take 4 classes.

Last year, Sima and I trekked from LI to the city each day.  This year we decided to stay.  Although we’re not staying at the Hilton (where the event will take place — too expensive and no discount for attendees), we got a great deal at a quiet, posh, midtown hotel on the East Side.  They have a rooftop bar, but I don’t think it’s open in January…(aside:  Why does Vogue have the NY event in January and the LA event in September?  They’re based in NY, so I know they know what the weather could be like in NY in January.)

Tomorrow, Sima and I will meet early at the hotel, drop our bags and do a downtown yarn crawl.  Then off to dinner in Little Italy.  We’re hoping to have some time so that I can teach Sima a thing or two about using Excel to work on her designs.   Saturday, I’ll be taking a sock designing class in two parts Cookie A.  Saturday night, we’ll take our socks to dinner and maybe to the movies.  We’d also like to do the upper west side yarn shops – Knitty City and The Yarn Company, the latter is open until 9 all weekend.  Sunday it’s Barry Klein in the am for top down design, lunch with our friend, Denise, Sarah Hatton for shawls in the pm, and then back to Auntie Em.

Pictures and report when I’m back.

And remember this?

Well, I just heard back from Lisa at Fairmount Fibers.  They’re sending me a replacement skein (in a color I chose) to compensate for the spotted skein!  Planning on some mittens… (Happy)



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