Gimme Shelter – Part II

Remember this???????????????

Well, the problem has now been solved by my dear husband.

Last night, we met for our second Knit Night at Starbuck’s.  It was great.  (I’ll have to write about them when I remember to take a picture so I can share how fun and funny they are and what a great way it is to end the work week.)

Last Friday and this Friday, I was asking their advice on what to do about the problem.  I tried soap and water last week as suggested, which didn’t work.  This week I tried Lestoil, which made it a little better, but didn’t completely work either.  I soaked it overnight and this morning wrapped it in a towel to take out the water before I set it to dry.  Then I quickly ran out the door for Son2’s orthodontist appointment.

So my dear husband decided to be VERY good and do the laundry.  So you know the rest of this, right?  Takes towel, thinks it’s dirty and wet, throws it in the wash and dries it — all before I get home.  It’s felted!!!  So the problem has been solved for me.  It’s not a good solution, but it forced my hand. UGH!

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