Gimme Shelter

Last month I visited Philadelphia for a weekend with Sima and went to both Loop and Rosie’s.  I loved them both for different reasons and of course, purchased yarn at both.  Rosie’s brought me the lovely Manos Rittenhouse 5 in gold and magenta to make myself a cozy fair isle pullover.  I’ve started that one, but can’t decide what to do with it right now.  The first skein of it has so many blips of gray color and I’m disappointed that I’ll have to go over this in duplicate stitch (I’ve circled some of them, there’s many more).

At Loop I spent a great amount of time looking and looking.  I bought some Black Bunny Fibers Classic DK in TigerLily and some Berroco Vintage DK in Paprika to make a stripe-y top down cardigan, and then I saw some Brooklyn Tweed Shelter.  As you know, Shelter is only sold in select retailers throughout the country and Loop happens to be one of them.  It looked quite “sheep-y” to me, and frankly, there are days when this is not appealing (although the smell always gets to me — love it).  Anyway, I asked one of the employees at the store what she thought of it (of course, now, I’ve forgotten her name), but she raved and raved about it.  She was obviously in love.  So I bought two skeins figuring I would make a scarf.  It was a great color — Sap — a bright, yellow-green.  I thought it would work well with my standard base colors of clothing — black, brown and gray (I know…very exciting!!!) 

What came of it was a simple shawl or so I thought.  PROBLEM 1:  It was simple to make and quick going.  It was top down, mostly stockinette, with a lace panel of 24 rows near the bottom edge.  Then a lace edging was added.  I was three-quarters of the way through the edging, when I ran out of yarn.  I have a very bad habit of doing this.  I guess it’s because I have so much of it stashed that I can never quite justify buying an extra one.  What will I do with one skein left over?  Lately, the running short business has become habitual, but in this case, since Philadelphia is not near where I live, it was maddening.  Purl Soho also stocks Shelter, and this is in my corridor of the world, so on the pretext of taking the boys to the Lego Store at Rockefeller Center, we ventured in to the City.  I took the shawl with me to see it would match.  I knew that Loop had one extra skein from their website, so if worse came to worse, I could always just order it.  I walked into Purl Soho and it was Saturday and claustrophobically packed.  I reached the Shelter, (I already knew they had the Sap having checked the website).  Lo and behold, the dye lot was exactly the same as the skeins I purchased at Loop.  It was a miracle.  PROBLEM 1 solved.

PROBLEM 2 coming next…

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