Winding Sideways

Many times, I’ve said that what I love about designing is the process (as well as the finished product), so today is revealed the sweater knit horizontally and called JINX which appears in the December 2011 issue of KNIT (Issue 43).

Start knitting from the right sleeve beginning with the ribbing.  Stitches are then cast on for the front and the back and this large piece is worked across the body (a little fiddling for the neck hole) and then stitches are bound off so that the left sleeve can be worked.  After seaming the sides and sleeves, stitches are picked up along the bottom edge for the ribbing and also at the neck for the collar to be worked in the round.  So, although it is worked flat and seamed, it can also be said that this is worked in one piece!  The trickiest part of all this was working the row numbers so that the pattern was centered at the neck.  The number crunching here was intense.  It was a very different and fun knit for me to both design and work up, and I’m really pleased with the finished piece.  This picture shows off the effect of the twisted stitches best, I think.

A word about KNIT … this British magazine is undergoing a transformation.   The magazine is a monthly, which in the knitting world, takes a ton of work and is practically unheard of.  They have received some nasty comments and criticism from some factions.  The first I heard of it (being on the other side of the ocean) was when I received an email from their editor-in-chief, Kerrie Allman.  The email was very forthcoming.  She explained what was going on and let us all know that the issues were being addressed.  Then she sent me a very kind, personal email to further clarify their position based on my work.

Having just finished (on Sunday last) the 4th of 4 pieces for KNIT (this is the second to be published), I must say that everyone from the editor, to the managing editor and her assistant, to the tech editor and the office manager has been considerate, helpful and honest.  It’s really all you can ask for in business besides the remuneration.  So I just wanted to put in a good word for them.  Take a look at the magazine.  I think you’ll like what you see.  Issue 43 has some gorgeous pieces.  I love Little Big Zag and the adorable Flower Lollipop, but there are quite a few others that I think are beautiful, as well.  I’m delighted to be part of their publication!

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