Madness, Control Issues and a Sample Knitter

This has been a CRAZY knitting month!!!!  In 32 days I have designed and knit 3 pieces — one:  a cropped slip-stitch cardigan with over 12 rows to the inch, needing to be in England by the 30th; two:  a pair of gloves, having never designed or knit gloves before; three:  a lace vest.  Of course, I am thrilled to be doing this, but I also have a full-time job and three kids who are home for the summer and all have summer birthdays, so when I tell you that my house is a physical wreck and that Husband is keeping the household functioning solely by himself, I am not exaggerating.  I can’t show you any of the finished pieces because they are to be published in KNIT magazine (UK) Issue 42 and The Sanguine Gryphon’s Fall collection respectively, but I can show you snippets, here…

Now you may ask why I don’t use a sample knitter(s).  That’s a very good question, one I am trying to come to terms with.  I would LOVE to have a sample knitter, but there are some issues with this.  If I had a sample knitter who lived nearby and we could check in with each other to see how the sample was going, I’d be comfortable, but I don’t.  If I worked in a way that I wasn’t constantly tweaking as I go along, I’d be comfortable, but I don’t.  If I had more than a month to get these pieces out, I’d be comfortable, but I don’t.   I have control issues!!!

Shirley suggested that I pick a sample knitter and have them knit only the sleeves the first time out, which would make it somewhat easier.   I think I will give that a try in the very near future.  I have another 3 pieces to knit for KNIT .  The yarn for all three is here in my house.  I have a person in mind, but she doesn’t live close enough to check in.  I guess the worst case scenario is that she knits the sleeves, but the gauge is off or the pattern needs to be adjusted midway.  Then I’ll  have to reknit.  I guess that’s not so, so bad.   I can do it for the next piece, because the sleeves and body are done together, but I’m pretty sure I can do it for the next two.  I am trying to relinquish some control, because of course, if I could figure out a way to do this, I would be able to design a lot more with fewer time issues.  Should I have a go?

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Joan Forgione

Juggler: mother, knitwear designer, teacher

3 thoughts on “Madness, Control Issues and a Sample Knitter

  1. I’ve loved testing for you before, and I’d really like to sample knit for you! Let me know if you still need someone, I’d be happy to help 🙂

    Eliana B

  2. Great! I’m doing alright, dealing with a lot of changes in my life, but I’m managing 🙂 How are you Joan?

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