>Party Dress

>Today I feel lighter — not physically, mentally. There have been many new things happening in my life which I will share when I can sort it all out in my head, but until then, the new thing that I can share is this ~ Jamberry. It’s a little girl’s dress, designed in sizes from 12 months to 6 years.

This time around I am going to see about having it tech edited as well as test knit. I’d like to streamline the process once I get the ball rolling on coming out with more self-published patterns.

There was something about this yarn, Vigna by Trendsetter Yarns. When I saw it at Gotta Knit this August, I immediately envisioned the dress. Even though I don’t have a little girl who could wear it, I had to make it. I’m hoping to have it ready for publication by the end of the month, just in time for the winter party season.

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Joan Forgione

Juggler: mother, knitwear designer, teacher

One thought on “>Party Dress

  1. >It's fabulous! I am going to make it for our 3 yr old cousin…she's adorable and will look fabulous in this!Yet again another great design!

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