>Kidney Pie and the End of Summer

>Today is unofficially the last day of summer — in all possible ways. I always try to pack in all the fun I can between Memorial Day and Labor Day. This year we did the “‘burgs.” Williams in July with good friends and Gettys in August with husband and sons. I spent serious time in the city (NY), yarn-shop hopping with a good friend. We beached, picnicked, lolled around the pool, walked, ran, played ball, bbq’ed, movie’d and assorted other things. Unfortunately there were many things we wanted to do, but didn’t. There’s always next year, but…

as they say, all good things come to an end…

Today is the end. Tomorrow we all start school. I’m changing grades, sons (both) are moving up to different schools and daughter is a senior. As much as we all have something to look forward to, no one wants to leave summer behind.

Yesterday we spent the day at our cousins’ beach house in Mattituck. It was a beautiful day, weatherwise and otherwise. Today we tried to have fun with a family bbq, but we all kind of moped.

To cheer myself up, I finished a new pattern, the Kidney Pie Cap.

Beautiful daughter is modeling. (It was hard to get her to laugh today, but we managed. She even managed to get me to laugh when she did this “supermodel?!” face.) The pattern is free on Ravelry. It was the first time I worked with Tahki Torino Bulky and I loved it!!! It feels so lightweight for a bulky. I bought two skeins when I was at Gotta Knit in NYC in June. My friend, Sima, laughed because I’m forever buying yarn to swatch with, but I have to try it out, y’know? I knew I wanted to make a hat with this. Unfortunately for me, I think this sample has now disappeared into one of daughter’s drawers. The pattern is super stretchy because of the ktbl nature of the ribbing. So even though this measures a mere 15″ around, when worn it will fit a variety of sizes, my head (22 1/2″ – watermelon) or daughter’s (20 1/2″ – macintosh). There might be another one in the works for me.

The cap is relatively simple to work. Both the cables and the lace are easy repeats. However, when it came to shaping, I knew I didn’t want to interrupt the cables or the lace too much. The decreases are not stacked in this one, but my goal of having the pattern follow through to the top of the cap was met.

The short version of how this cap got its name: My grandfather used to call a brain, kidneys. Of course he knew the difference, but it had something to do with a comedy act he had heard or seen. The running joke among my family is to say “use your kidneys” if you’re doing something stupid for which you should think more carefully, thus — Kidney Pie — a cap to warm your brain!

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