>I don’t like secrets. I don’t like having them. Most of the time, I wish I didn’t know them. Sometimes, I think if I don’t tell them, I’ll explode. But, in this case, I have to keep it

For the last 23 days I have been writing the pattern for and knitting a design for a magazine. I originally submitted the idea in the winter of 2009. (Yes, that is not a typo — ’09). My submission book was out there, and I didn’t ask for it back until this spring. When I did, they sent it back, but, with my permission, made copies of the sketches and told me that if the ideas were taken by another publication, then, of course, they would understand. Within the next few weeks, they called me to ask about using one of those designs.

I’m really excited about this sweater, in particular because it’s the first one I’ve designed and knit completely from the top down and seamlessly. If you read my post from June 6, 2010, you’ll remember that I was doing my own top down work. I was excited, but found it difficult to “think” upside down.

Well, I’m happy to report that it wasn’t as hard as I thought. Maybe it’s the pressure of a deadline or maybe it’s just that I NEEDED to do it, but it really worked out! And, I’m quite pleased with the results. Unfortunately, I can only tease you with this… and this…

I’ve knitted sweaters seamlessly before, but they’ve been bottom up. I enjoyed knitting this (even though I only had a few weeks to do it) and can definitely see the advantages of knitting top down. As far as the design process, it still requires the same sets of numbers, and you really need to think about how you want to handle increases before you set out. I think that these were my two stumbling blocks back in June. All in all, I think I learned a lot and I’m happy with the finished piece. I have a funny name for this piece, which I will reveal if the editors choose not to use it.

In other news, I was able to get some help for my Chinaberry pullover in the form of 6 wonderful test knitters. They are a lovely group of women. I am having a lot of fun working with them. I’ll be posting more about the whole experience when the pattern is released through Ravelry in late September.

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Joan Forgione

Juggler: mother, knitwear designer, teacher

One thought on “>Secrets

  1. >That looks like a beautiful design! A nice color too! I can't wait to see the complete sweater!you have a great mind filled with gorgeous designs!~ Eliana ~

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