Love is a drug


Do you need a fix?

This is the absolute truth. I have NEVER used an illegal drug. I’d like to say that up front. I’d like to say the reason is because I am a completely law-abiding citizen. In truth, the reason is because I like to have my wits about me. I don’t like to think about not being in control. However, yarn is quite a different story. I am not in control around yarn. I don’t know what it is about the stuff, but today I knew I needed to buy some. It needed to be the good stuff. I have enough good stuff. I needed more.

Over the past days, I’d been cruising the area looking for a dealer. I hit a couple of local places, but everything was ordinary. Today, however, I found IT. It was definitely not ordinary for these parts!

Everything was lovely. I left in a mind-altered state. I was high on yarn. Although I only bought 5 skeins of Madelinetosh Vintage and a skein of Lamb’s Pride Bulky (for a contrast I’m doing on a pair of mittens), I’ll definitely be back. Ann was so warm and friendly. It turns out, she and her partner, Katy, are people I’ve “met” through their blogs, which I’ve been reading since the pre-Ravelry days. They are my new enablers.

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