Friend + Yarn + NYC + Summer = Happy

I spent the day Wednesday with my knitting friend, Sima. We met 7 years ago at a design class with Shirley Paden. Sima and I have been in sporadic contact over those last 7 years as both she and I were published, however we reconnected at the launch party for Shirley’s book earlier this year.

We decided to meet up in Manhattan which is a mid-point for us — she lives in New Jersey, I live on Long Island. We had the loveliest time at lunch talking about design ideas and projects that each of us is working on. Unfortunately I didn’t bring a camera. (I always forget my camera!)

After lunch, we decided to walk downtown to the new store location of Purl Soho, which opened in April. Both of us had been to their tiny original store. It was a 3 mile walk, but since the weather was gorgeous and we were chatting, the time passed quickly. When we arrived we spent some time looking around. I was impressed at the books they had for sale, which were a collection of both newly published and classic knitting books.

Sima suggested we head uptown to two yarn stores she frequents — Knitty City on West 79th and The Yarn Co. on Broadway and 82nd — so we hopped on the C train. It was my first time at both of these stores. I loved them both. Knitty City had a beautiful selection of yarn and was “hopping.” The stores work table at the back was a lively group of women. However, Sima knew there would be sales at The Yarn Co., so we walked the few blocks farther uptown. It was quieter there, but Sima was right, there was a great sale. I ended up with a few balls of each of three yarns to swatch, two new “Rebecca“s and a circular needle holder that I had been eye-ing forever. The Yarn Girls — Julie and Jordana were both lovely. We planned to go back to Knitty City, but I was pressed for time and needed to get home.

Sima and I made tentative plans to meet up again in August for something similar. We also talked about heading to Rhinebeck in October. Thanks, Sima. I had a great time!!!

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