I am not apologizing…

…but 3 years is a long time between posts.

I finished reading Wendy Bernard’s book, Custom Knits about a month ago. It was a great read and I’m fascinated with working from the top down. Her designs are beautiful, inspirational. So, I decided to try designing my own top-down. The idea is for a short sleeve raglan tee, with a v-neck and some colorwork in Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece. I’ve just passed the armholes and am deciding on the placement of the colorwork bands. I have to say, I love the idea of not having to seam, and the raglan detail is beautiful, but…

I keep turning the thing right-side up (or upside-down) depending on how you think of it because my brain is so unused to working this way. I keep thinking of that film they showed us in high school biology where they fiddle with a person’s vision so that he’s seeing everything upside down. This is after they’ve taught you that the eye actually sees everything upside down and the brain flips it so that your perspective is correct. (I think that’s what I learned, anyway.) I wonder if I knit this way long enough if I will eventually learn to “see” the sweater in it’s correct perspective.

Anyway, I’m not liking it. It’s like learning to write with your non-dominant hand. Uncomfortable. But I totally can see why it could become someone’s preferred way of knitting.

In other news, I have a design in the current Vogue Knitting, Early Fall 2010. Eyelet. V-neck. Pullover. The eyelet pattern was easily memorized. I finished writing the pattern quickly — Vogue is now only requiring the pattern be written in the sample size. The sweater was knit up in about 3 weeks. These are my photos of the sample before it was packed off to Soho.

Rose Callahan did a beautiful job photographing the sweater for Vogue, but I think the model was a little too broad-shouldered because the neckline in my photos is more what I intended — a narrower v-neck that notches at the top to form a scoop.

I’m tweaking my Ravelry page and have made a mid-year resolution to try to be “good” about keeping things current.

It’s almost summer vacation and I have plans for knitting/designing in the works.

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