Two Knitters Walked Into a Bar…

Have you ever done anything really, really stupid as a knitter? Something you’re almost too embarrassed to say you did? I hesitate to even tell you, dear reader, and I fear that if I say it I’m sure to do something worse, but here goes…

I’m doing a little “artist’s smock” for a fall publication. It has a”paint-splattered” pleat in the back (read: intarsia). On each side of the pleat is a panel of solid. Guess who cast-on four, FOUR FOUR, FOUR fewer stitches than she was supposed to because her husband was talking to her while she cast on? Guess who didn’t check for 100 rows? Guess who didn’t notice it until she counted each side after the armhole bind-offs? Guess who has a deadline of Wednesday? (YES!! A week from today.)

There is no other solution but to rip.

Pray really hard.

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Juggler: mother, knitwear designer, teacher

2 thoughts on “Two Knitters Walked Into a Bar…

  1. Good luck, Joan. I’m sure it’ll be fine. You don’t need to sleep or eat right? ;)The smock sounds intriguing. Any hints as to which publication? I’m guessing Knitscene maybe? 🙂 Am I close?

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