Sorry for the long-ish break. I’ve been finishing a piece for Vogue for their 25th anniversary edition this Fall. Here’s a sneak peak of the finished garment on my new (e-bay) dress form. This is a slip-stitch pattern that I love called “Florentine Frieze”. It’s from one of the Barbara Walker treasuries — second, I think, but it could be the first.

I’m busily working on two more projects for Knit.1. One of them has cables across 300+ stitches, so I’m cabling without a cable needle! This is so thrilling to me, I think I may soon be giving my cable needles away. Necessity is the mother of bravery. Kathy over at Grumperina has a wonderful tutorial on this technique. The yarn is quite lovely too. Classic Elite Waterlily. It looks like it has streaks of light running through it.

Both Knit.1 projects are due by the 25th, so I hope to get a lot of the knitting done during the week the kids and I have off from school. Is any other mother out there feeling like they can’t get free from behind the wheel of their car?

In other news, it was so beautiful here today, I could “smell” spring. I love hearing the kids through the open windows.

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2 thoughts on “Vested

  1. Sorry, Connie. The yarn for the Vogue project is KFI “Sublime”. I meant to write about it because it’s lovely and soft, although I like a little more of a twist.

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